January 9th, 2005


a meme going around my friends list

A summary of 2004, as read by the first line of the first entry of every month of 2004:

I went with Daria as a marathon on NYE. Up 'til the 4th quarter I watched the Super Bowl sporadically. Welp, I did my civic duty and voted. It's 1am and there's a bird chirping his little heart out in the tree just outside my window. So there's this bug that'd been going around my family and it appeared that it would pass me by. 29th-31st: My mom's cousin and her husband stopped by here in Barstow on their way to visit their daughter in North Carolina. One would be miffed if it weren't more than a bit true. Today was my uncle's 60th birthday and we had a great dinner of his favorite foods: beef enchiladas, refried beans, chile rellenos, carne asada, and green chile. Woke this morning feeling hot with my head achy and my throat feeling someone scraped it with sandpaper. everyone loves the chocolate Get off your butt and vote ...assuming you're American and are eligible of course. Since the start of taking my meds I haven't had much pains in my chest.
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