January 25th, 2005



The Beast 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004

45. John McCain:
Crimes: Survived years of torture in Vietnam only to become a bend over buddy for a sheltered rich dunce. McCain could have bolstered his largely unearned air of credibility this year had he stood against Bush, but instead chose to show us all that that no principle is too fundamental to humanity to be overlooked in the name of party loyalty. We can only hope that they’ve got something on him, something big.
Smoking Gun: Returned to criticizing Bush as soon as it didn’t matter anymore.
Punishment: Vice President under Rumsfeld.


14. Tom Delay
Crimes: The worst Congressman alive. Being the most corrupt member of the House is a hell of an achievement. Delay is so brazen even lobbyists have expressed reservations. Compares the pathetic, castrated EPA to the Gestapo. A self-obsessed misanthrope in the guise of a Christian.
Smoking Gun: According to Danny Yatom, former head of Israel’s feared Mossad: "The Likud is nothing compared to this guy."
Punishment: Outed by Barney Frank.
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