February 17th, 2005


where have I been?

I hadn't realized it'd been so long since I last posted. On Monday we'd gone to Victorville to buy replacement knobs for the stove as two of them had gone kaput. Made the usual stop at BestBuy and then on to Costco to stock up on some meats (pork roast, turkey burgers, etc...) I had picked up a CD and three DVDs. For lunch we'd stopped at Jack-In-The-Box and being the creature of habit I am I'd ordered a combo meal with a large soda. Problem: I can't have any caffeine with this medication I'm on (also no alcohol.) It's been the end of September since I've had a soda and yet here I went and ordered a large one. *shakes head*

I started back on my diet + daily walking routine. It's going ok but I'm having some trouble trying to fall asleep for some odd reason.

In other news the entire NHL season has been cancelled. Both sides have blame but I feel the owners are more culpable. It's obvious to me they wanted to break the union, and, were looking for a way to blame the players for the reason they, the owners, splurge on high-salary player contracts.

  • The trailer for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. I'm thinking I might like this.
  • A guide to the different genres of electronic music. His comments are snarky but I like the layout and the samples given for each type. It seems "Epic" and "Ibiza" trance are what I usually listen to.
  • The Bush administration is fighting against Gulf War pilots (tortured by Iraqis in '91) in trying to collect compensation.
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