February 23rd, 2005


Project Runway finale tonight!

Though I think Kara is extremely talented and Wendy has the gumption and drive to do what's needed to survive in the industry, I have a feeling Jay will win. Really though, it doesn't matter to me who wins tonight but I have to say I loved this show. If they do another of this series I can only hope it's as good as this one. I had loved the first two seasons of America's Next Top Model (with elysesewell in season one) but year three was a big disappointment to me.

Remember that interview Vanessa did that they talked about in the last episode? If you haven't read it yet you can see it here.

See screencaps of Austin before Runway in a cheesy soft-porny vampire movie. He's even credited at IMDB.com.

Oh, and like Mario I'd do Tim Gun in a heartbeat. ;o)
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