March 3rd, 2005


email changes

I've spent tonight visiting all sites where I have accounts transferring my email addresses off of AOL. Since we've gotten DSL via Verizon I've been putting it off thinking of the sheer number of things I'd have to change but it turns out to be a good time to clear out accounts I never or hardly ever used. Stuff like various counters, Bravenet crap, as well as tons of gaming sites I no longer frequent. I got all the ones I wanted to modify changed, as far as I know, except for my FortuneCity UK one. Apparently, you can't change email addys there any more. I did change the addy listed on my Bentboy site even though it's been closed for 1.5 years because, oddly enough, I get a hell of a lot more traffic and email from it now than I ever did when I was actively maintaining it. Go figure.

I'm not actually going to use my Verizon email account but will instead go with a mixture of MSN and Yahoo! ones. LJ replies come to one Yahoo account. Mailing list crap to another one. My public email address is now Collapse ).
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that would explain Aunt Esther alright

A tale of steroid use told in a fictional Sanford and Son episode:

FRED: ... I'm sorry, son. I haven't felt this young and strong since the day I met your mother. Nothing but nothing is gonna make me to stop taking these steroids.

LAMONT: What if I told you Rollo has been selling those same steroids to Aunt Esther for the past decade.

[FRED clutches his chest and staggers forward]

FRED: Elizabeth, I'm coming to join you, honey — this is the big one!
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