March 5th, 2005


vanity, thy name in Vince

I had woken up and used the bathroom like the usual, but while at the mirror I immediately noticed something in my sideburns. A grey, no, a white hair. I'm talking a glow-in-the-dark, radioactive, super shiny white hair. Before I even realized I had done so I had yanked it and two of its unoffending neighbors out. Now, I'm 35 and I know I'm going to get grey hair. Hell, I've gotten a few before in my beard and one growing out of my ear -- and no, don't get me starting on the subject of ear hair. *shudder* I should be happy I've got hair and not be completely bald. But still. I'm vain. Nature, leave my hair color alone for the next ten years, okay?
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    Keane - "Your Eyes Open"