March 28th, 2005


medical update

Went to the doctor today to get the results of those test and to renew my blood pressure meds. The chest x-ray said I had a touch of bronchitis. I suspected as much. The CT scan was the one I was worried about. I half expected to be told it was cancer but it's a cyst just above the thyroid. The doc is putting in a referral for a specialist to handle that. Cool. On the meds, I was hoping maybe I wouldn't have to take them any more -- and when they checked my vitals there at the office it was perfect -- but the doc said not yet. There was a mix up though on the new prescription. He wrote once a day instead of twice but I didn't notice until after I'd gotten the meds. So, some phone tag went on between the doc's office and the pharmacy to straighten that out.
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