April 15th, 2005


haircut and fixing some 'puter probs

After seriously considering paying someone else to cut my hair I got off my ass and gave myself a haircut. My head feels sleek again.

Got a call from the neighbor across the street from my aunt wondering if I could do her a favor and install some memory she had bought for her laptop. Also she was having some other probs too. So, sure, I went after I had dinner. Memory installation took a minute. She also had ordered some for the desktop 'puter too but it hasn't arrived yet.

On the desktop, when she booted the computer it was trying to launch a program for Verizon DSL even though she had supposedly uninstalled that when she switched to Road Runner cable. Plus, two IE windows would automatically launch to the Road Runner homepage. I looked and saw she did use uninstall for the Verizon software but it left a lot behind. The program's directory was still there albeit empty but there was also a lot of files for it in the Program Files\Common Files folder. I deleted all of that. Ran msconfig and saw it was being launched there from there as well as the two IE windows. Fixed that. Went though RegEdit to look for traces left, which I found and deleted. Rebooted the machine and everything looked ok except for one other thing which I couldn't think of an answer for -- though I know I knew it once and am trying to remember it again.

She thanked me by giving me her old Dazzle DVD Creation Station 200 that will allow me to transfer my VCR tapes onto DVDs which is supreme coolness. She had bought a different and newer product a while ago so she wasn't using this any more.
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