April 25th, 2005


this and that

I received a letter from the ARMC which surprised me because I didn't think I'd get an appointment so soon (regarding removing the cyst in my throat.) Well, I didn't. Oh, I got an appointment... for September 30th. *sigh*

Got a call yesterday from B wondering if I could install the memory she got for her desktop machine. I came over around noon, used canned air to clear the dust in the machine, installed the memory then reinserted all the cables. Took maybe 5 minutes. I spent the next 2 hours downloading and updating things. Here was the frustration: she needed an updated driver for her Intel chipset. No prop. Then I went to apply the XP service pack 2. Again, no prob. But then there was an offer for an updated driver for the chipset I had just updated. Fine. Well, not fine. After rebooting the machine the display came up at 640x480 res with 16 colors and wouldn't let me change the settings. *shudder* Turns out that driver was dated from 2003. Luckily I had saved that first driver update on her desktop and applied it again, rebooted and everything worked fine.

Found myself staring at this one guy while grocery shopping this afternoon. Jeans, white t-shirt, black lightweight leather jacket, dark short-cropped hair and stache. Very yummy. Lost track of him around the bread section though. *grumbles*
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