May 5th, 2005

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lack of posts

Due to a completely uninteresting life I haven't made any posts lately -- rather than bore ya'll to death. :o)

That being said... I spent 15 minutes yesterday watching a ladybug crawl all over one of our asparagus ferns. I tried snapping a photo of it but the wind was blowing the stems around too much to get a clear picture. Did I mention I <3 ladybugs? Used to have tons of them at my dad's house when the backyard was mostly field.

I'm (im)patiently waiting for the entire 26-episode "Fruits Basket" anime to download. That's 4.6GB worth of files. I still need two eps of "Hellsing" and the last one of "Witch Hunter Robin" to complete their respective series. All of these are fansubbed, not dubbed. A certain vampyrichamsterhamster o' death has converted me into a fansub snob.
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downloaded, rain and dinner

The "Fruits Basket" torrent finally finshed downloading and I seeded it until my download/upload ratio for it was at least 1:1.

It rained briefly tonight -- a most welcome change. I love hearing rain pelt the top of the swamp cooler as well as the scent of damp soil.

Had potato and corned beef burritos for dinner... oi, don't knock it until you try it. The leftovers are perfect for breakfast the next morning especially if you add a scrambled egg, refried beans and/or cheese to it. Nummy!
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