June 1st, 2005



Ran into a programming bug a while back but couldn't figure out how to get around it until a few days ago by modifying it's container type which meant I needed to change a lot code. Unfortunately, all of this to only run into a worse bug than I started with. Belatedly, I realized I did something just like this last year and ended up abandoning this line of logic. Time to revert to my last backup. *sigh*

I used to hack my own Sims objects but never bothered to with the Sims 2. Now I've been bitten by the bug again and am using SimPe to get the job done. I've only done one thing so far: modded a painting to give me options to max all the motives (individually). I'll do the same with skill levels using a bookcase. I still haven't figured out the right way to adjust influence points though.

I'm wading through the Samurai Champloo series (currently on ep 4 right now) and am enjoying it muchly.