June 24th, 2005



Everyone should know by now about tag support here at LJ. What there isn't available just yet is a listing of all my/your tags for viewers to look through. You could add such a list to the sidebar if you're using a custom style. It'd take just four lines of code to display that. Collapse )

But I wanted it on a separate page and was going to do a specific style just for it like I have for my "listening to..." page. Until I found out we can pass and detect arbitrary arguments to our journals via the URL. Score! After fiddling around with it for a bit I've got a tag list view set up:


I went with a ".view=" argument instead of something like ".taglist=true" because I also wanted to be able to do other views such as an "About me" view or my "listening to..." page which I now could theoretically do within this style instead of using a separate one -- and I actually did get that running but ran into a problem with the number of items shown. I want 25 items shown but I'm stuck having to share the page_recent_items value used for the Recent Entries view (which I've got set to 10.)