June 27th, 2005

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I hate my mouth, I really do

About 1.5 weeks ago while I was eating dinner I heard a crunch sound coming from my mouth, which was curious because I wasn't eating anything particularly crunchy. After spitting out the food I saw bits of white stuff which turned out to be tooth. I wasn't in any pain so... *shrug* Then Friday comes along and I felt a soreness. Saturday, anything that touched the tooth (including water) hurt it. So, my dentist squeezed me in today taking an x-ray first and after some "hmmm"ing had me take one of those panoramic x-rays. Yes, the tooth needed to be pulled but there was a mass just behind and lower to the area possibly caused by the infected tooth. The extraction itself was so quick (compared to the last time) I nearly asked "wait, did you start it already?" I have to go back in a week to see if it healed right and then back two weeks later for another x-ray to see if that mass starts to shrink, otherwise I'm looking at a trip to an oral surgeon. Mind you, I don't have dental insurance so this is all out of pocket.

Oh, and the x-rays revealed something else: my jaw around that area is thin and weak. Very much. So much so I had to sign an informed consent form just in case the jaw broke during the extraction! He warned me any forceful blow to the jaw there could break it. *sigh* Nice, just what I wanted to hear.
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