October 2nd, 2005


shopping and games

Three weeks ago the back of my computer desk chair broke off completely. This was a chair from the pharmacy waiting area in the store where my mom and I worked (I was hired for the Xmas holiday) that was closed over a decade ago. I had only used it as my Desk chair for about year but I picked up a bad habit of leaning hard against the back, and I am a big guy. Friday on the way home from ARMC we stopped in Victorville to eat and look around. My mom ended-up getting me a new chair as an early birthday present. I'm loving the high back and cushy leather. Of course, the seat's a bit too big to fit under my desk but I can live with that. :o)

While at BestBuy I picked up the widescreen edition of Kung Fu Hustle which I enjoy thoroughly. Over a month ago the neighbor living across the street from my aunt had me help her reformat her hard drive and then reinstall Windows XP + all the updates, as well as her other programs and hardware (printer, webcam, digital camcorder, etc...) She had also just switched from cable internet access to DSL so I got her LinkSys router working with her new modem. With the money she paid me for that I bought The Sims 2 Nightlife expansion pack.

My only complaints with it so far was the nagging at the program start about how the previous custom content which I had may not work with Nightlife (I found the option to turn that warning off), and some toggles under the game options that aren't sticking between boots. I'm having to turn off the viewing of the neighbors' lots and surrounding scenery each time I start the game. I also had to copy all my aliases* from the globalStartup.cheat file in the University/TSData/Res/Config directory to the new corresponding one in the Nightlife file hierarchy. On the sort of positive side, all my male Sims now look like candy raver bois. ^_^ I'll probably tire of that soon. I tried playing a Sim as a vampire but wasn't too enthused about that so I had him switch back to normal. I'm glad we finally have access to the 2x2 area lots which appeared in Sims 2/Uni with houses built on them but not as empty lots. There's a 3x1 lot as well now. I tried out that size making a small club with a dance floor + EDS + seating on the left side, bathrooms in the middle, and karaoke + pool table + bar on the right side all done up in blue & black. It was all black at first but that looked too goth. :oP

I've also spent some time taking part in the closed beta of ROSE Online, which finished today but will be back in a week with open beta status. My character Darian, a level 26 soldier, will carry over when the game goes back online on October 7th.

*Aliases are shortcuts you can use for long or obscure commands so they only take a word or letter to enter, such as...

alias a "boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true" "Enables the rotation of objects by 45 degrees" ""