November 10th, 2005


on my birthday I...

Got up at 4:45am then shaved & showered. I woke up my mother so she could shower while I separated my clothes to wash as well as change my bed linens. Got to the laundromat about 6:15 and saw a motorhome parked close. There was a woman walking into the vehicle whom after a second I recognized as the lady who opens up. While washing I was going through the voter information guide for the election my mom mentioned that my aunt was going to vote no to all the propositions, despite what they were told in church. Telling people how to vote in church? Yup. I'll save my reaction to that for an IIWD. Went from there to Dr. Mike's to pick up forms to reapply for my medical coverage, which was a mess at the time, but I'll save that for another post. Voting came next.

My polling place for almost a decade now is at a Seventh Day Adventist church, about two block away from home, in a room which has pictures of Jesus and bible quotes all over the walls. I never really paid much attention to that but given my mom had said a bit earlier I was getting annoyed. Anyway, although we've had touchscreen machines for over a year now I've been using an alternate paper ballot because I don't trust machines without a paper trail. But we had new machines now. Machines that have what looks like a cash register tape on the side. After you vote it prints out how you voted on the tape, then you look at it to confirm, then it scrolls inside and out of view. But most importantly, there's a physical trail of how I voted. Cool!

Went to home to eat something then left around 9 to Colton (~80 miles away) to reapply for coverage. Traffic was relatively light with no delays. On the way back home we stopped in Victorville and browsed through the mall but didn't buy anything. Then came Best Buy where I ogled expansion RAM but won't get any of that 'til Christmas. The only thing I really wanted to get was a DVD so I got that. I looked for "Mr and Mrs Smith" but found out it won't be released until the end of November.

My mom's had been feeling achy last week and her sinuses started acting up that morning -- plus she thought she was getting an ear infection so I convinced her to stop at her doctor's office (there in Victorville.) When we got there the doc was just about to leave for lunch so we ended up sitting there over an hour until he got back but at least she was the first patient seen.

Got back to Barstow around 3:30ish and both of us feeling hungry since we hadn't eaten since that morning so my mom wanted to know where I wanted to have my birthday dinner at. Quite frankly I did not feel like eating out. To her dismay I said to just get some chicken from the deli section at Vons (supermarket.) We ended up grocery shopping since we were there.

While I was in the bathroom my sister called to wish me a happy birthday. I had taken the phone with me figuring she or my dad might call. We talked for a while and my nephew got on to sing to me. Awww.

Later that evening was a trip to WalMart where I picked up two DVDs. We were going to my aunt's house next so we also got some pastries to take over. My aunt and uncle were just finishing their dinner when we got there. My uncle was watching the History Channel while the rest of us talked in the kitchen. Went home and vegetated for bit then called it a night.
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