November 30th, 2005


walking, shopping, sleeping

I hadn't gone on a walk in ages so I figured I'd go for one yesterday morning -- at 6am. Yes, I'm stupid but ya'll already knew that. ;o) At least it wasn't as cold as it had been the day before (44°F vs 31°F.) But, where to walk to? Well, I remembered Mr. & Mrs. Smith was coming out on video that day so why not walk to WalMart? Mmmkay. After getting there I headed straight to the clothing section found found a shirt I liked, a cotton button-down; kinda moss green with thin darker stripes. (Shirt pic) There was a similar one in blue tones but I was kinda iffy on that because it had a logo on the pocket I didn't find all that attractive. Also found a pair of black sweatpants I needed. I had noticed my current one has tiny holes here and there. Well, it is old after all. Anyway, I didn't get them then and instead went to the electronics section but noticed the DVDs weren't put out yet. Fine, so I went to look at the fishies. Oooh, very bad idea. Saw some really cute fantail guppies but of course I just got rid of my aquarium so I left that section before I started contemplating getting a small tank.

Back to electronics and saw the DVD was out but the sale prices hadn't been entered yet. The guy in charge said they wouldn't be sent in until 8am and it was 7:25 at the time, so, off I went looking elsewhere. About 7:55 I went back to the clothing section and picked up the shirt and sweatpants then back to electronics and picked up the DVD (which I really liked BTW) as well as a small bottle of water since I knew I would get parched on the walk home (I was right.) I left just in time to run into traffic from the elementary school across the street and over half a block. Other than that it was an uneventful trip.

I thought about going out again this morning but the wind was gusting too much for my tastes. I do have to go back though and exchange the sweats since it turns out they are a size too big.

Felt kinda bleh today since I couldn't get a good sleep last night. I'd sleep an hour or two and then wake up then go back to bed, or try to. So, while I got 8 hours total it wasn't quality sleep.