January 18th, 2006


what I remember from my dream last night

Meeting an amateur hockey team in this single-wide trailer and going with them to practice. It turned out to be in this complex of buildings that really all looked like castles. The rink was in the basement of one of them and the sides of the rink were inflatable rather than solid walls. Oh, did I mention they skated nude? But ever damn one of the was straight.

I next remember being in this townhouse full of women, mostly black. Two of them were actresses, Tempestt Bledsoe ("Vanessa" from the Cosby Show) and Shirley Wilson ("Shirley" from What's Happening!!.) All I remember from the discussion were the two discussing their hair styles with a lot of pantomiming.

Next I remember signing up for a college course, I don't remember what subject, but I remember my fellow classmates looking like babies. I remember trying to drop the course but was having trouble returning the course book -- which wasn't a book at all but a CD-ROM. I had to try to track down the instructor who was a complete asshole and spent his spare time offroading out in the countryside.

I remember a scene at a bowling alley with a young Asian boy trying to run away from a hag-like woman who had power over the weather, mostly generating blistering cold wind and icicle spears. I couldn't stay to help him but I turned the heater up full blast which magically starting melting a lot of her icy work. On my way out I ran into my sister, nephew and... the guy who was supposed to be her husband but wasn't my real bro-in-law. The guy instead was Syrus, cast member from Real World Boston. I remember knowing that something was wrong with that but I shrugged it off. In retrospect he seemed really cool.
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