January 30th, 2006


trailer remixes

Take a movie, recombine it into a trailer of a different genre. (Warning: some ads on the pages may be NSFW)

Top Gun, à la Brokeback Mountain
Cabin Fever, as a melodrama
The Shining, as a quirky touchy-feely movie
Sleepless in Seattle, in an action-suspense style

That last one would almost tempt me into watching a Tom Hanks movie voluntarily... hmm... nah. ;o)
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Not much of interest happening here. Today was laundry early in the morning followed by grocery shopping. A trip to WalMart later netted two new button-down shirts. Took my own advice of throwing out crap I don't need by tossing my old 486DX computer. It and its 14" monitor have been sitting in a box for years now collecting dust. Since I already have a different backup computer it's been less than useless. I did strip out and keep the floppy & CD-ROM drives just in case.

Recently downloaded the 26 episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (8GB of data). Watched them all on Sunday and enjoyed them a lot. I already had GitS S.A.C. 2nd GIG so I knew some of what was going to happen but that didn't distract from the fun. Currently am downloading the Ab-Fab episode "Gay/In New York" where the gals head to NY in search of Eddie's son Serge.
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