February 9th, 2006


it's still winter, right?

Spring is here, or so it feels. The high temperature for today was 80°F* and it's feels like it's time to start putting away winterwear and bring out the shorts and tanktops. Of course, with my luck if I did that temps would plummet to the 60s. I still may change to a thinner comforter though.

*weather.com says 77°F but they're never right.
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    She Wants Revenge - "Out Of Control"
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fashion fun

So, it's down to four contestants on Project Runway. I'm not sure Nick didn't deserve to lose last night because both his and Santino's clothing were poorly made. True, Santino's was being held together with spit and bailing wire but of the two designs themselves I like Nick's the least. His looked like it was meant to be worn by Heidi not Daniel.

Caught all four episodes of Project Catwalk. It's very similar, of course, but with expected differences. On the positive side I like that it's less drama-contrived than the US version, or so it seems to me. On the other hand it seems every few minutes Lizzy Hurley is doing some pointless voiceover. Tonight is a new episode and I expect torrents of it to be available by tomorrow night.