February 12th, 2006


medical update, AKA the prodding of my neck

So, I check into the 2nd floor Outpatient desk at ARMC about 1.25 hours early. Both the expected heavy lunch hour traffic and fight for a parking spot never materialized, so... yay! and meh!

I saw a new doctor, probably in his late 60s, who looked through the notes from the previous doc and the results from the vial of fluid taken from the lump, and then poked and prodded the cyst in my neck with his finger explaining to me how it had formed. Whatever. He proceeded to say there was a good chance nothing would ever come of me keeping it (no surgery) but there's always a chance of infection or other nasty things. He did recommend surgery to remove it and I was inclined to agree with him. Assuming, of course, the procedure is covered which it may not be since it's not necessary.

He then said if surgery was in the offing I should have a CAT scan done... to which I replied I had already taken one. Off he went looking for it. He came back with two interns[1] who proceeded to poke and feel my neck in search of the cyst exclaiming how firm it was. There was also a bit of disbelief that it hadn't hurt yet except for when I had a cough from a cold. They left but one, Chad, came back with a different intern who then poked and prodded me. The new one, Rene, started talking about all the risks involved with the surgery, and there are quite a bit of them due to the location. While he was talking a fourth intern came in to, you guessed it, poke and prod my neck[2].

Assuming approval for the surgery is given they'll schedule a pre-op appointment followed by the surgery itself two days later.

[1] Just a note that one of the two was "cute". The other, Chad, was the hottest guy I've seen in ages (including porn/movie stars.)
[2] I'd've complained about all the prodding if it hadn't been the most I'd been touched by that many men in a long time. Heh.

I like CostCo, really I do, but...

...two things really annoy me to no end:

1) Not being able to enter an aisle because the entrance is blocked by 20+ people crowded around a food sampling cart.
2) There's often someone parked in the middle of the aisle leaning casually against her cart and yakking on her cell phone.

I'm thinking the best way to handle both situations is to go shopping with a rocket launcher on hand. I might as well put my FPS experience to use for once.