March 23rd, 2006


new stove

Quite a while ago the oven of our stove stopped working. Instead of reporting it to be fixed we just used the toaster over, which btw works very well. Well, finally we notified the managers who then send out a guy to look at it only to declare the oven as dead. So, yesterday two guys from a local supplier disconnected (the gas line) and removed the old stove and brought in the new one. Unfortunately, the connectors were different so they had to get an adapter and on they way out the wheeled away the old stove. While passing through the front door (there's a drop of 2-3 inches from inside to outside) the glass of the over broke and shattered. *sigh* One guy offered to pick it all up but I said I'd do it while they were getting the adapter. A broom, dustpan and vacuum later it was mostly gone in 15 minutes. Some of it is still on the dirt area outside off to the left side of the entryway but I'll get to it later. Anyway, one of the guys comes back and hooks everything up correctly and then leaves. I tested the burners and everything seemed fine. It was only belatedly I realized that this stove is much bigger front to back than the old one. So much so that the drawer just off to the side that opens right in front of the stove no longer does fully. It only opens about 2-3 inches now. We let the office know but they said there's nothing they can really do about it as all the new stoves are this size. Hmph. I think everything has been pulled out of the drawer thanks to my using my bamboo back scratcher to scoop everything out from way in the back. Most of it was junk anyway and got tossed. The only thing put back in were a pair of scissors, some sponges and a few pens.

On the positive side, the new stove has sealed burners. The previous one didn't and collected more crap than the bottom of a couch.

On the negative, there doesn't appear to be a light bulb inside the oven part. I won't know for sure until I can see a copy of the manual (the original went to the rental agency.) Also, the back of the stove sticks up a ways and because of the room it takes up our two biggest pots don't fit very well on the back burners without hitting it. I'm sure once I get used to it it'll be fine.
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losing my tolerances

One of the things I used to take pride in myself was my tolerance and patience for just about everything. Sadly, I've been losing both regarding many different things now. For example: children and cologne.

I used to love being around kids. It's why I liked and was good at babysitting. No longer. Sure, I can play with kids for a few minutes just fine but after that long I want to cover them up in bubblewrap and duct tape then Fedex them to the moon. This of course has affected my want of kids, namely, I don't want any now.

Cologne I used to like. I don't mean drenching one's body with it. I mean a spray or two here or there. Now smelling just a little makes me want to hold my breath and run to the nearest clearing to inhale. At my last appointment at ARMC I sat next to a teen boy. I'm convinced he didn't put that much cologne on but to me it seemed like he marinaded himself overnight in it. I just can't take that shit any more.
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not good

The IRS is quietly moving to loosen the once-inviolable privacy of federal income-tax returns. If it succeeds, accountants and other tax-return preparers will be able to sell information from individual returns - or even entire returns - to marketers and data brokers.

The change is raising alarm among consumer and privacy-rights advocates. It was included in a set of proposed rules that the Treasury Department and the IRS published in the Dec. 8 Federal Register, where the official notice labeled them "not a significant regulatory action."

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