April 21st, 2006


broken window

The day before yesterday I heard someone walking on the roof. I went outside, looked up and saw a guy working on the swamp coolers (unwrapping, changing the pads, etc.) He saw me and nodded; I headed back inside. He knocked later asking where the water hook up was. I told him somewhere up there. That they rerouted it so they didn't have to come inside to turn the water on. I joked to him that every time the coolers get hooked up I end up having to call later because of water leaking and pouring off the roof. It was no different this time. I had to call the rental agency to let them know. A little later I heard the guy back up there to turn the water off.

Yesterday two workers were up there fixing things. No biggie I figure. Then I heard them climbing down the ladder and then... crash! The sound of a broken window. My kitchen window actually. The top right of the ladder went through the screen and window. One of the guys apologized saying they'd send someone out to fix it later. Again, I called the agency to let them know and the lady there said she knew and someone would be out later. Instead, I got a call around 5pm asking if they could come out early this morning instead. *sigh* Sure.

At 8:30 a guy from Havard Glass arrived, took the window out to his truck and came back 10+ minutes later with the glass replaced. Later around 11:30 another guy came around to fix the screen.

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