May 13th, 2006


go Ma!

Today my mom and a few co-workers took part in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women (5K race) down in Los Angeles. My mom had to wake up at 2am to leave Barstow by 3am to get to Victorville by 4am where she carpooled with co-workers to get to the University of Southern California a little after 6am so they could get parking. Those who were walking instead of running started the race a little after 9am. It was overcast so the weather wasn't too bad though it started to warm up a bit towards the end when they entered the Coliseum as the clouds started to part. My mom said they had fun overall and picked up some swag after the race. The funniest part was during the race after a few blocks where several people temporarily left the race to stop at a fast food restaurant for snacks to eat as they walked. That's so sad and lame... and yet, who really cares as long as they brought in pledge monies, right?

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