July 16th, 2006


on books

Firstly... LibraryThing: Catalog your books online then be able to search, sort, rate or review them. See who else has the same books and what they think of them.

I'd really like to try this but free accounts only let you add up to 200 books. Hmpf. I guess I'll stick with my Excel database.

Secondly... I've been thinking a lot about my books and whether or not I should keep them all. Most of them came from the local Friends of the Library store over time and were pretty cheap ($0.25-$0.50) There are some I read over and over to the point where they're falling apart (mostly books by Eddings, Feist and Lackey.) But a good majority of them I've read only once with the promise to read again but never did so. And I realize now that's because I probably really didn't care for them as much as I once thought I did. So, should I keep them? My (huge) inner packrat says: keep them all 'til your dead! The more objective and dispassionate side says: give them back to the store and let someone else, who might really like them, have a chance to own them while aiding the library in the process (despite my rather disdain for it currently.)

I'm leaning towards the latter right now and if I do so I'm thinking around 50%-60% would go immediately with a chance for more later. It's something I'll consider further.