November 26th, 2006


Vox QotD: Google Me

"Have you ever Googled your own name? How did you feel about the results?"

Searching for my full name comes up with no results. Looking with the initial letter of my middle name reveals this guy, an assistant director on many projects including the TV series "Charmed." Looking with just my first and last name shows a photographer, a reporter for CBS news I've seen many times, a pastor novelist and others.

Only two things about me appear in the first five pages and they're both about the same subject: the mahjongg game I wrote back in 1998. (Note: It has two or three bugs that I fixed locally but I never uploaded that debugged version.) The first mention is a link to the page in the Euphoria language archive where it can be downloaded. The second mention is a link to a site by this guy who wrote a guide on solitaire mahjongg games where he mentions and links to mine on that archive page.

So how do I feel about barely being mentioned on Google? Just fine, thanks.