December 26th, 2006


things that make me go "huh?" #276

I've never really understood the need for "snooze"ing with alarm clocks. When I set my alarm it's because I want to get up at a certain time. When the alarm goes off I get up, walk across the room to the alarm, turn it off and then go about my business for the day. This whole thing of pressing "snooze" after "snooze" just baffles me. It's not an alarm any more, it's a suggestion. I mean, why set your alarm for 6am when you truly get up at 6:30 after several "snooze"ings? Just set it at 6:30 in the first place.
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belated merry-what-the-hell-ever-you-celebrate post

So, Ex-Muss has come and gone and all was good in the world. "The world" as defined as what surrounds me, naturally. Clothes were gotten, as well as a new electric blankie, cookies, candies, and my favorite gift: cash. The latter I hope to spend on a newer and bigger harddrive because my current 200GB one is bursting at the seams with crap even after saving reams of said crappage to DVDs. Packrat? Who? Me?

Spent time with my aunt, uncle, their daughter and her kids and their son (in the military) on leave from Germany. Lots and lots of food was made but everyone only had one plate and a desert later. Ok, there was plenty of snackage beforehand but let's not be picky, eh?

Surprisingly, my dad called early in the morning to wish everyone a merry Xmas. My sister wasn't home when we called there in Georgia but she called back while we were gone and she and hers sang a message on the answering machine. Tried calling J but I got his answering machine right away. I wasn't sure if he was with his family back in Merced or if he and M visited M's mom in Arizona.