March 2nd, 2007

dark phoenix, righteous babe, consume the universe

from last night's dream (AKA you #$%! brit mofos)

Segments of last night's dream include having a home invasion by ants, a roof collapse at my uncle's house, working at the back lot of a movie set, and being chased by video games monsters. You know, typical dream stuff. Of interest to LJers...

I was going on a week-long trip to jolly olde England with pre-approved plans to stay two nights each with eekers, gizzard, and flamingkitties. The inside of the plane to London I took was like a good-sized hotel conference room with three rows of chairs each on two opposite sides, all of which faced the wide aisle in the center. Seats were only half full and the whole ride was rather boring with nary a steward/ess in sight. Debarking the plane entailed exiting to another room which was nothing more than what looked like a doctor office waiting room. I tried calling eeks but couldn't get an answer. I tried again and again but couldn't get through to her so I tried calling the other two and couldn't reach them either. I was stuck in a foreign country with no place to go. Meh. So, I grabbed one of the coloring books and crayons on a coffee table and colored for while.

The was a commotion from one of the doors as a bevy of big black bodyguards were escorting a woman through with the woman turning out to be model/host/singer (ha!) Tyra Banks. I immediately grabbed a crayon and book to have her autograph it but stopped not wanting to seem like a such a flaming fag... which lasted for a few seconds before I squealed like a 13-year old Japanese schoolgirl and ran to her. She signed the book with the crayon which magically turned into blue ink. Tyra left and I went back to the couch and was feeling more than a bit depressed but then a clerk behind the glass window paged me saying I had a call. From ebby.

He was in town visiting his bro aerach and had somehow heard of my predicament. He said I could stay with him at his bro's house and that he'd be over soon to collect me. After a while he arrived grabbing my carry-on bag and then we headed for a tube access point. The ride was uneventful though I noticed the trains looked like those of SF's BART system. We walked the rest of the way to the house and was greeted by a gaggle of good looking guys. It seems the guys were an exotic dancer group who happening to be visiting at the same as me. The guys showed off one of their routines (hubba hubba) and then everyone sat down to eat. I seriously crushed on one of the guys who turned out to be straight, married and had a daughter. Doubleplusmeh! The twink of the group said he didn't like my "styling" and attacked me with scissors and a buttload of skin products. When he had finished with me everyone said how much better I looked, but when I looked in the mirror I saw just plain old me. :o/ Then I woke up.