March 20th, 2007


dream fragment

Bit of ewwww in my dream: I was walking someplace (after being pelted with oranges by a truck full of teens) and ended up in a trailer park. This couple, both in their mid-60s standing in front of their trailer, started up a conversation with me. Cool. At some point the husband goes inside while the wife and I continue our chat. Then wife invites me inside to get a glass of water and when I get inside I see a glass-surround shower in the middle of the living room. And the husband is in it. He sees me, smiles, and starts... erm... fondling himself. My jaw dropped in shock only to drop more when the wife says it's been a long time since her husband has had a "special friend" and would I like to be it? What's disturbing is that I seriously considered it before politely declining.
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