March 21st, 2007


meds refills glitch

Had to go to the doctor's office on Saturday to get refills of my prescriptions. Usually I don't see the doc himself but a practioner instead, and this time was no different. Well, except this was a new guy: Caucasian, mid-20s, brown hair and soul patch. I'd totally hit it if he were gay and single. Or at least go in for a prostrate exam. LOL Anyway, he wrote a new prescription, said it'd be faxed into ARMC and wait til I got them in the mail. Um... no. Usually, besides the faxed 'script I also get a written one so I can get a 15-day supply locally and then get the refills from ARMC. But that's not what happened this time, so, I called the ARMC pharmacy today and checked to see if they sent out the meds yet, and if not then when? The tech asked for my SSN and checked the computer... then reported they never got the fax for my meds. Grrr. She said they'd fax my doc's office and see what's going on, which is cool of them, but I think I'll call the office myself tomorrow just to make sure things get cleared up one way or another.
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