July 14th, 2007


this and that

Woke up at 3:30, an hour earlier than I wanted to, giving me a grand total of three hours of sleep. Meh. Need to get showered in twenties minutes then get ready to go to the laundromat followed by grocery shopping. I'll have to nap later.

Speaking of grocery shopping, last week as I was at the checkout stand with only a few things left in the cart to put on the conveyer belt thingamajig. I lifted the bag of spaghetti noodles and got it about half the way up when one of the ends busted open. Noodles went flying into and through the cart and then all over the floor. Never had that happen to me before. Now, if we were talking about dropping fountain drinks from convenience stories (7/11 & AM/PM) then I'm the master. I even got applause once. Booyah!

Forgot to mention that the new toilet got installed. The downside is the seat is a bit smaller than the last. The upside is that it makes a hell of a lot less noise than the last one both in the flushing and the refilling. Two guys installed it and neither was the one from Friday. One guy was probably in his early forties, kinda stocky and close cropped hair. The second was in his twenties, blond, long hair in a ponytail, close shaven goatee. Nice guys really.

Oh, last week I lost three pounds. This week I gained them all back. #*@^%