September 4th, 2007

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no mail for you!

evil mailboxes
So, we got a letter from the post office on Saturday saying they would no longer be delivering mail to any of the 4 apartments here until our mailbox is fixed or replaced. They'll be holding our mail for at most a month then they'll start marking our packages as undeliverable. Now we have to go across town to get our mail. Not happy to say the least. What's the problem?

  1. The hinge is on the bottom so the mail has to be put in from the top. The box is located kind of high up though. I remember one particular short, erm, vertically-challenged mail carrier that had to stand on her tippy-toes and stretch high for all she was worth to get the mail in.
  2. The left side of the hinge occasionally pops out and has to be pushed back in.
  3. Occasionally the mail slot section doesn't close right and it'll look fine when the carrier leaves but then pops open/down a few minutes later.
  4. My slot has the main lock in it and it takes up room where the mail is shoved in so sometimes in trying to get letters and magazines in everything gets scrunched or gets caught in the lock which tears the letters or covers.

I don't know for sure but since the neighboring apartment quadplexes have the same kind of mailboxes I'm assuming they're in the same boat as us.
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