September 5th, 2007


looking forward to it

Coming out in November is the movie adaption of Steven King's novella "The Mist", which just happens to be my favorite of his. I've heard rumors for years about a movie version being made but nothing ever came of them. The trailer (at Yahoo) looks pretty much how I expected it to. It doesn't hurt that Thomas Jane is playing the part of David Drayton.
dark phoenix, righteous babe, consume the universe

24/7 in my head

Think the song "Part Of Your World" from The Little Mermaid except replace Ariel with LFG's resident Warlock, Richard, and make it an introspective song about death and destruction. Now stop thinking about it and watch it... Looking For Group: Slaughter The World

"You've nowhere to hide,
nowhere to run,
your village will burn like the heart of the sun.

With infinite glee,
it's going to be me,
that slaughters your world."
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