January 31st, 2008



Thought I'd better post something since it's been... three months since I've updated? Nothing exciting or really even noteworthy going on in my life, hence the lack of posts. Just playing some Neverwinter Nights, or rather, playing around with building scenario/modules in it.

Last Sunday when my mother and aunt were shopping at Wal*Mart everyone in the store had to be evacuated due to a bomb scare. Yes, a bomb scare at Wal*Mart. And it's not the first time that's happened either.

My cousin's son, who I first babysat when he was 6 months old left for the Air Force earlier this month. It seems just like yesterday I was wiping his bottom and rocking him to sleep in my arms. Now his nephew is about that age (8 months) and boy is he strong. He isn't walking yet (I walked at 7 months; my sister at 9) but when he does look out tchotchkes! It's going to be a mess.

J called tonight and let me in on all the drama that's happened in his life the last week. He claims he hates drama. I say it's his middle name and he ought to own up to it. Oh, and speaking of high school friends I got requests from two on Facebook. One of whom dated my sister for a bit. I always felt a bit weird about that but.. *shrugs*

The music I've been listening to lately has been all over the place. From Kylie to Mylène Farmer. From N.E.R.D. to Girls Aloud to Hellogoodbye. And of course, the Attery Squash.
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