September 18th, 2008


medical coverage goof

I've mentioned before that I have to re-apply for my medical coverage every year. Well, I messed up this year. I thought my coverage ended at the end of this month but it actually did last month. I didn't notice this until the end of August. Ok, I'd just re-apply in person at ARMC down in Colton on the 2nd, no biggie. So, it's the night before and I'm getting everything ready and lined up for the next day. Paperwork: filled out and signed. Photo ID: in my wallet. SSN card: Fuck. I couldn't find it.

I torn apart everything and looked everywhere. Nada. After thinking it over a bit I realized it was possible I threw it away while spring cleaning. doubleplusfuck! This meant I had to get a new one which involved having to call my dad since I needed his and my mom's SSNs for the form (downloaded from the website) I was supposed to fill out -- which I couldn't, BTW, because my printer picked this particular time to stop working. So, to the local SS office I went and waited 2 hours to get to the clerk. He just asked for my photo ID, typed in some info and a half-minute later the form was printed out with the needed information already filled out. I just had to check to make sure it was all correct and sign it. Then I had to wait 7-10 business days. I got it late last week so this Monday was the 77.2 mile trip to Colton. Traffic was lighter than usual, thankfully, and the biggest concern, parking, turn out not to be. Plenty of it. Once again they moved where they accept the applications to the opposite side of the medical center. (No longer in the emergency waiting room, yay!) It took maybe two whole minutes from getting in line to walking out. Done. Now I wait for the yea or nay to arrive in the mail hopefully today or tomorrow. That way next week I can head to the doc's office to get my scripts renewed.

Oh yeah, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but the last time I got new scripts the amount Propranolol I took was cut in half. The daily regimen is now: 20mg Propranolol, 75mg Dyazide (generic), 1 multivitamin, 2000mg fish oil, 500mg calcium.