November 19th, 2008


Music Review: Shiny Toy Guns - "Season of Poison"

First off, after the previous album "We Are Pilots" (all three releases at that) I had high hopes for the next album. Hope that took a huge hit once I heard of the replacement of the female lead Carah Faye with Sisely Treasure. Different sound and not in a good way. I find her voice breathy and squeaky. Nothing brings that to mind to me more than "Turned To Real Life" but I'll get to that later.

01 When Did This Storm Begin - The beginning track is one that should set the tone for the album and grab the listener's attention. Unfortunately, it does that but for all the wrong reasons. Schizoid and discordant music and tempo. Spoken word/rap by the new female lead. Not good.
02 Money For That - Guitar-laden. Clearly rock-focused. Is this really Shiny Toy Guns? I keep thinking Blink 182.
03 I Owe You A Love Song - Finally, a song that sounds like something from WAP. Too bad the lyrics are pedestrian. I'm so grateful for the music that I'm willing to overlook Sisely's participation here.
04 Ghost Town - Back to the rock-guitar sound. Surrounding music's not that great. And then there's Sisely's staccato words/chant. (Think of the "Hey hey you you"s in Avril's Lavigne "Boyfriend".)
05 It Became A Lie On You - Back to softer sounds. Would have fit in well on WAP. I could definitely listen to this one regularly.
06 Ricochet! - Complete 180 degrees here. Heavy guitar. Shouting. After repeated listening I'm finding I can tolerate this more than before. That's not to say I actually like it though.
07 Season Of Love - Not lyrically significant but the music and bits of harmony pull me in.
08 Poison - Gah! Booooooring. I want my 8(!) minutes back.
09 Blown Away - Back to guitar-focus. Not that terrible but not that good either.
10 Turned To Real Life - The original version of this song was on the 1st release of WAP and turned out to be my favourite song. As you can imagine I was pissed when it was removed from WAP in the 2nd release. Now it's sort of back but with Sisely singing it and the music being retooled. I can only accept this as a cover of the original song and even then I find myself stopping this and playing the original.
11 Frozen Oceans - The only Sisely-focused song. While not... bad, I find myself relegating it to the role of background music.