April 25th, 2009



With their 1st round choice the 49ers picked WR Michael Crabtree. We've sucked at that position since Terrell Owens left in 2003.
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    ESPN: Steve Young flapping his yap when he should just SHUT IT already
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by all means, go

"In a new survey by Research 2000 for the liberal Daily Kos blog, Texas voters were asked whether the Lone Star State would be better off as an "independent nation" or as part of the United States.

Overall, more than six in ten chose the latter option. (No big surprise there.) But, among Republicans, 48 percent said it would be better for Texas if the state was an independent nation -- the same number who said they would prefer the state remain a part of the United States."

Read more @ the Washington Post

Sure, invite all the other right-wing wackos, wall yourselves in and call yourselves the Holy American Empire (as if ya'll didn't already.) I'll help build the wall.