May 19th, 2009


bad citizen & out of the UCM loop

I can not believe I completely forgot about the special election today. I only realized it when I was reading the news at And that was 10 minutes before the polls closed. Ah well, the politicians would be glad I didn't. I was planning to vote yes on two, no on another two, and was still iffy on the fifth. All five needed a yes to "solve the crisis." Pfft, whatever.

I try to keep up with news from my birthtown by reading the local paper, the Sun-Star, online but I hadn't for a few weeks. So, I go to read this evening and found out that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, spoke at the graduation ceremory at the University of California campus* there last Saturday. I felt a bit of pride about that for some reason. I've lived here in Barstow now more than I did in Merced (20 vs 18 years). I have no illusions that the political bent there is to my liking. Too republican-leaning, too much religion influencing the populace. But still. My heart skipped a beat. Yes, I give her pass unlike her husband. I still dislike him. More so now, actually, than I did before the election. But he was, after all, the lesser of the other evils. Hmmph.

* Which is still new enough to have that brand-new car smell going on.