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fun from when I was a kid

My mom and aunt today got back from a 2.5 day trip to my hometown. While there my mom found the smaller version of a game my sister and I (who didn't speak Spanish) played with my grandmother Atilana (who didn't speak English) when she used to babysit us. It's a bingo-type game called "Loteria" that instead of numbers called off balls or tokens uses cards with illustrated pictures with the name of the object below. It was that game that taught my sister and I what little Spanish we ever learned. Some of the cards included the heart (el corazón), a boat with a lady in it (la chalupa) and a drunkard (el borracho.) Or as I used to say for the latter, "Uncle Louie!" ;o) My mom bought two small packs with the calling cards and 10 playing cards. She wanted to get the bigger boxed set but the lady who was selling them was sold out. My mom plans to send my sister one of the two sets she bought. Hopefully my sister will play the game with my nephew. Living where he does and knowing my sister, he's not getting any of our Hispanic heritage. Yeah, I know, that's the pot calling the kettle black. Almost. :o)
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