boys may not cry but I do at this picture

Music fans will often expect a certain consistant look from an artist which is a reason why the artist may stay with a that look even after many, many years. But honestly, after 20 years many can't pull off that original style without looking like a trainwreck. Times have changed and so should their wardrobes. Are you listening Robert Smith?
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Um, didn't it look like a trainwreck 20 years ago too? Well, 10 years ago, anyway, but the trainwreck look was very in at that time...
Indeed. I believe that trainwreck look was called "grunge."

On the other hand, can you imagine seeing Robert dressed in GAP attire? Or Marilyn Manson barely-there suits with his ass hanging out? What should he wear? We should called the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy team! Oh, wait a minute... ;o)
ah, i see my doppleganger has been loosed again. so thats what the security team meant by "unleashing the hounds".

- the other Robert Smith