more smoke

I woke up this morning with the smell of smoke stronger than it was last night. I looked out the window to see the sky appear to be overcast, not with typical clouds but from smoke. Not too much later I got a call from L, who lives about 16 miles east from here, saying they got the smoke this morning and because of health reasons he and the wife (both of whom are retired) are going out of town until probably Sunday. He didn't say where they were going but I have a good hunch it'll be Las Vegas. I'll be glad once this is all over with.
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Things look bleak from what I saw on the news. I'm hoping for the best. Glad you're ok.

Love the pic in the icon!

Thanks. We're perfectly safe from the fires. Once you come down the east side of the San Benardino mountains you enter the Mojave Desert. Other than odd bits of scrub there's nothing for the fire to get a hold of to make it here. Some of my mom's co-workers though who live up in the SB mountains had to evacuate. My mom works about 30 miles closer to the fires from here and when she got off work bits of ash were falling down around leaving a fine coat on her car.

The only thing I worry about is the health effects of the smoke, which ironically, I've heard gets worse by the time it arrives here because of how small the particles become making it easier to lodge in the lungs. It's not so much the carbon from the trees that are dangerous but chemicals released from houses that burnt down.