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Fun day

Headed out to Victorville and got there in time for Best Buy to open at 9am... except that they open at 10 not 9. Oops. :o) So we went down the street to Lowes to look at refrigerators which didn't take too long. After that I looked around for a new pull for my bottom dresser drawer, unfortunately the screws of the one I picked out are too short and fat. We headed to the garden section next where I picked up some herbs (lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme) to replace the ones that had croaked over the winter. I also got some assorted annuals to spruce up the greenery.

We headed back to Best Buy and I took the 15" monitor to the returns desk and explained to the clerk the weird behavior I was getting. He went over and talked to the tech about it for a few minutes. I guess the tech said it was toast because the clerk came back and said I was getting a new one to replace it, AND, like I had hoped they would, they replaced it with a 17" monitor. Woohoo! (It doesn't take much to thrill me, eh?) I took the new monitor to the car and went back into the store to look around and mostly oddly I didn't find anything that I wanted to get. From there we went half a block over to Jack-In-The-Box where I got a jumbo jack, fries and a coke.

Headed back to Barstow after that, got home and put everything inside. Went outside to dig holes for the plants and then put them in. I had to rub my hands on the herbs since I love the combined smell of rosemary, thyme and sage. Mmmmm. Went back inside to unhook the 14" monitor I was using and reverently put in the new one. Oh. My. The 2 inch difference was quite striking. Whoever said size doesn't matter was soooooo very lying. *G* The first thing I did was fire up Quake2 and played the Nexus3 map against some gladiator bots. *geek smile*

Had chicken enchiladas, rice and refried beans for dinner. Though I didn't eat too much, I've been burping it all night. Excuse me..... *belches*
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