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feeling a bit sick & a shopping outing

I woke up coughing and feeling achy. I knew the achey feeling would go away the cough could be tricky. When I get them I tend to have it for weeks. I took a double dose of cough meds to head off trouble. This morning the achiness was gone and I did cough a bit but not like yesterday.

I'd seen the recent Circuit City circular which had a video card I thought I could use in my machine. I check the product online and saw that it wouldn't work, but, there was another one that would. So, a general trip to Victorville was in order. First off was to Circuit City to pick up the card: ATI Radeon 7500. Didn't spend much time there. From there was to the opposite side of the I-15 to the Victor Valley Mall where my mom shopped at Mervyn's while I looked around Suncoast Video. A few buildings down was the next trip to BestBuy. I ended up buying The Sims: House Party (finally) and The Italian Job. Finally, a stop at CostCo to pick up groceries, mostly. I picked up Ocean's Eleven there.

At home I installed the card and was a bit befuddled as the card was acting as a secondary video. After much scratching of my head I figured out to make the card the primary video one. However, motion for a lot of things was jerky and slow. Scrolling in the Sims was slow. Scrolling down in Internet Explorer was choppy. I shut the machine down to get some sleep. When I started the computer this morning apprently some things got cleared up because everything is working beautifully. All my OpenGL games are running very zippy now. The fishes on my aquarium screensaver act more real rather than true fish. A benefit of this card is I can use the original video connection as a secondary monitor for side by side action.

I had to back-up all my Sims downloaded objects, skins, walls and floors so I could uninstall the Sims and reinstall everything. You simply can't install expansion packs out of order. *rolls eyes* Did that and reloaded my backed-up files.

For dinner tonight is a frozen lasagna picked up at CostCo.
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