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missing my sis & last night's dream

Though I know I'm going to call her tomorrow I was missing my sister something awful today. Being 2000+ miles apart isn't easy. I ended-up breaking out her local bridal shower and her wedding tapes just to see her. Actually, there's another bridal shower tape as well, but that shower was held by my bro-in-law's family in Georgia for her. Anyway, it was good to see her... and listen to her without that Georgian accent she's picked up over the last decade. ;o)

In last night's dream two odd fragments happened. One being I drove a truck. Why is that odd? Well, I don't drive. I get panic attacks being behind the wheel. It wasn't always like that long ago but it is now. Anyway, in the dream I'm driving a truck -- a stick-shift no less -- up and down hills like I'm one of the family members of the Dukes of Hazzard. I seemed to have enjoyed flying over hills and landing down-slope with a satisfying front-fender crunch.

In the second odd fragment I got married. To a woman. Seriously. She was in her early twenties, blonde, blue-eyed, with long flowing hair. The wedding was in a beautiful park, a public one I think. Lots and lots of white flowers around. The decoration color theme was white and gold. Doves were released. It was a rather cool wedding actually. Mind you, it was a marriage of convenience from what I remember, but still, it was very odd to see a wedding ring on my finger.
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