Christmas Day

I woke up the first time around 5:30am but went back to bed. I did this twice more before finally getting up at around 8:20am. I opened the presents I had here at the apartment. Of course, I got that digital camera as well as two 64MB memory sticks and 30 minute battery recharger. Sweet! I also got lots of shirts, a sweater, pants and "Goth" underwear (meaning: grey, dark blue and black in color.) No socks this year, because I've got socks up the wazoo. The day started out bright and sunny but then got windy by noon. Then the sky darkened. I received a call from my step-mother and dad wishing me a merry Xmas. It was good to hear their voices. I tried calling my sister but I got their voice mail. Then I got a call from pit6steve! I always love hearing from him. Then the darkened skies started to sprinkle.

Around 4pm we headed to my aunt and uncle's house. I opened the presents I had there including a sweater, a big tin of popcorn (go ahead and groan) and $$money$$. The food was almost done by the time we got there but needed another half-hour or so. This year my uncle wanted to try something different for dinner. Namely, chili meat, tamales, beans, rice, etc... Um, no. I had a tamal, rice and beans. But I also had some ham from Thanksgiving that had been frozen and some potato salad from the fridge. I didn't have any of either of the pies (sweet potato and peach) but I did of the breads (pumpkin and cranberry.) Not too long after we got there the rain started to pour and continued on until almost the time we left for home.

Some of us had strawberry margaritas later which was cool. Some played SkipBo in the living room while I watched my cousin's son play Lord of the Rings on his PS2. We left around 9pm and when we got home there was a message on the answering machine from my sister. It was too late to call back so I'll do that tomorrow morning. A fun day all in all.

Me (ugh!)

Me and my mom

My mom

My uncle

My aunt and cousin

My cousin's son

A round of SkipBo which was funny because they were playing by what they thought were the rules but it turned out they were waaaaay off. :o)
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I'm always iffy about eating tamales simply because everyone makes them so differently. From how hot/spicy they are to the ratio between the masa and the filling. Not to mention which fillings (beef vs. pork vs. chicken) are used. And then there are the sweet tamales... you see what I mean.