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neat decks

Take a looksee at a Hello Kitty tarot deck and a LEGO tarot deck. There used to be one based on the Peanuts characters that I really liked but it ran afoul of copyright infringment and was taken down. :o(

An aside: LEGOs were my all time favorite toy growing up. I'm not too sure though they would have been if I were growing up today given all the other tech-y type toys around.

[links via LYD and D9D1E2 respectively]
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Preciseliment! (<-- see, I just made that word up) I've never owned a deck before though I've read a few books on tarot interpretations. Years ago though I'm afraid, so, my swiss-cheese-like mind has forgetten most of what I had learned. I could pester mokie for help if needed to I think. *ponders* Em, back to the point... I'm going to have to buy a deck one of these days.
I loved legos.
infact, i just bought some for christmass for myself. wee!
the buggers gotten more expensive. *pouts*

Re: aww
Meh, they've always been expensive. I remember twice when I was just but a wee thing there were two small sets I liked but I knew my mother wouldn't buy them for me. By small sets I'm mean one being a police car with a cop figurine and the other a helicopter with a medic guy. Anyway, being the greedy lil bugger I was... well... I liberated said sets from their boxes and stuffed them down my pants. Mind you, this was before there were cameras every 5 feet in stores.

Yes, I was a bad boy but I had fun with them. Besides, now knowing how much department stores mark up their merchandise I feel they've stolen far more from me that vise versa. ;o)
such a bad bad toddler.

then again, i was evil to. i used to set alarms in the store 10 mins intervials.
Activate all the motion Senseing toys an position them to start danceing/talking the moment anything moved in the isle, even themselves. Causeing a chain effect of "i love you, you love me" barneys..

But i love legos!