return of the klutz

While sitting at my desk I pulled out the middle drawer for a pad of paper I needed to jot down some notes. Fine. About an hour later I started to get up to head to the bathroom. I pushed out my chair, stood up, turned... and promptly ran my knee into the drawer I forgot to close. The very knee that was already hurting from sleeping in an awkward position. *sigh* I thought my days of being clumsy were over. When I was younger just about every other day I alternated between twisting my ankles and stubbing my toes. I've never had much coordination. I forsee a lot of broken hips for me in the future. Hmm, maybe I can score myself one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up!" commercials.
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Is it clumsiness, or just a general lack of awareness for your surroundings? You may need more coffee. ;-P