happy New Years everybody!

I'm staying home tonight. Nope, no partying out for me. Not that I hate NYE celebrations in the least bit. Hell, I lost my virginity on a New Years Eve (well, ok, technically it was very early New Year's morning.) But, tonight I'm going to park myself in front of the TV to either run a Daria or Godzilla marathon. I haven't really decided which one yet though I'm leaning towards Daria.
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As I mentioned to Steve below, I went with Daria. I really missed her attitude. I understand that they still show the series on the Noggin channel but we don't get that here. Bummer!

I really wish they'd release the series on DVD. All that's offered so far are the "Is it summer yet?" and "Is it college yet?" movies.
As much as I like Daria...I'd vote for a Gadzilla marathon. If I can't get into the Christmas spirit...at least I can get into a silly mood.

Happy New Year Vince!!!
Well, I ended-up going with Daria, which btw I'm still watching. I figure since college football is basically over, I'd do the Godzilla marathon this Saturday or the next one.

Sometimes it's just hard to get into the holiday spirit. I went 2 years once without any Christmas decorations at all. I just didn't really care.