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earthquake forecast

"The team's new method differs from existing techniques in that it takes into account the small "chains" of tremors that often occur before a major earthquake.

When a long chain of related earthquakes is discovered in a region, the team analyzes the area's history, in search of various seismic patterns. If other patterns are discovered, the group announces a nine-month forecast.

Although the new method does not yet allow seismologists to pinpoint the exact date and time of future earthquakes, the UCLA researchers say it lets them narrow their forecasts to a range of several months."

which is interesting to me because:

"Although the group prefers not to announce predictions to the public for fear of causing panic and economic damage, UCLA did reveal in a press release Tuesday that the team is now watching for a possible 6.4 magnitude quake in a sparsely populated area south of the Mojave Desert sometime before Sept. 5".

[Full article]

Whew! I'm in the Mojave not south of it.
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