quick update

Up 'til the 4th quarter I watched the Super Bowl sporadically. Yes, I missed Janet's boob but then the only nipple I want to see is Timberlake's. :o) The fourth quarter was interesting though.

For dinner were egg & cheese burritos plus hash browns which were baked, not fried.

I finally figured out how to work triggers correctly in Age of Mythology's scenario editor.
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But Janet's boob was so... *giggles* interesting! Justin just grabbed her shirt and rrrrrrip! There was a boobie! With a shiny pastie on it too. Either that or a nipple ring...
I thought that's what I saw...Janet's tit!!! Glad the announcement or rather I should say a comment was made by one of the announcers NOT to let MTV handle the half time activities next year.

All in all I enjoyed the entire game. Was able to get the living room totally cleaned while watching the game.