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VD and soup making

Well, I decided not to post a bitter rant about Valentines Day because, really, not all of my Valentines Days have been bad. I must learn to be less bitter. *ponders* As if! ;o) I hope ya'll that have special someones had a romantic day.

I wanted to try making tortilla soup on Friday. I looked at various recipes online but all of them had ingredients I hated or didn't have. So I said fuck it and went with my own version. I boiled one chicken breast then shredded the chicken. I put chili power, cumin, garlic and onion powder into a pot over low heat to sort of toast them to bring out their flavor. Then I added a bit of olive oil to make sort of a paste and kept on low heat until it started to smell burnt which then I add a few ladles of chicken broth. I heated this until it was hot. At that point I turned up the heat and added a can of diced tomatoes plus three times as much broth. I added a pinch of dehydrated onion flakes and then salt. When that got to a boil I added the shredded chicken and simmered it for 10 minutes or so. It smelt very good. I got the bowl I was going to use and filled the bottom of it with tortilla strips then ladled in the soup. I topped it off with grated Monterey and Colby cheese. It ended up tasting excellent -- if I do say so myself. ;o)
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